Ergonomic designs, anti-slip handles, high strength, exceptional cutting power and long service life – these are just some of the advantages that make Fibrox knives so ideal for professional use. But this series is also sure to appeal to the growing number of amateur cooks who value high-quality equipment. To ensure maximum safety when using the knives, we have also added three features to the classic Fibrox handle types – the safety grip, safety nose and Vx grip. The coloured handles are part of the Victorinox commitment to the HACCP system (Hazard analysis and critical control points – see back cover for more information). Further items such as sharpening steels and protective gloves can be found in the “Sharpening and Safety” section. Naturally, all Fibrox knives are dishwasher-safe. 

Victorinox Boning Knife 12cm Fibrox Black
48% OFF RRP $49.95
Victorinox Boning Knife 15cm Fibrox Black
43% OFF RRP $49.95
Victorinox Flexible Filleting Knife 16cm
34% OFF RRP $49.95
Victorinox Carving Fork 15cm Nylon Handle
17% OFF RRP $47.95
Victorinox Flexible Filleting Knife 20cm
25% OFF RRP $59.95
Victorinox Chefs Knife 25cm Fibrox Black
44% OFF RRP $102.24
Victorinox Chefs Knife 28cm Fibrox Black
46% OFF RRP $115.00
Victorinox Pastry Knife 26cm Fibrox Black
19% OFF RRP $83.95
Victorinox Flexible Boning Knife 15cm
20% OFF RRP $41.00